Tips & Service Charge

Here at Bella Italia we take good care of our familia. We fully support the British Hospitality Associate (BHA) voluntary code of best practice on service charge and tips. Most details of this code can be found on the BHA website at

All of our employees receive at least National Minimum Wage, on top of which tips and service charge are paid.

Both credit card tips and service charge paid are subject to a 10% deduction for administrative house costs (these things don’t come for free!), prior to a full distribution to employees in the restaurant through the company’s payroll system.

The 10% deduction covers the cost of credit card fees, payroll bureau processing costs and other direct house and administration costs.

Our waiting staff keep all cash tips, and may or may not have arrangements in place to share tips among the other employees in the restaurant. It’s then up to those receiving the cash tips to declare the income for tax purposes to HM Revenue & Customs. The company does not participate in any aspect of cash tips.