Many of us avoid certain food types and allergens, and at Bella Italia we want to make your dining experience as pleasant and risk free as possible.

Many of our recipes are are naturally gluten free, and we provide gluten free options for many of our pizza and pasta dishes. In addition to this we also offer spiralised vegetable spaghetti as an alternative to many of our pastas.

We provide a printed allergen menu in all our restaurants which details the more common allergens and which food items contain them. You can also filter our menu to show only those foods that you choose to eat.

We state when a dish contains the allergen as an ingredient. Unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee that our busy kitchens are completely free of allergens. Due to fryers being used for more than one product on the menu, there is a small risk of cross contamination of products that are deep fried.

Please do inform your waiter of any specific dietary requirements that you may have whilst ordering, and they will do their best to suggest the most appropriate dishes.

  • allergens and gluten free at Bella Italia

    Some of the allergens we highlight for you:

    • Gluten (inc. wheat/rye/oats/barley)
    • Fish
    • Eggs
    • Peanuts and Tree Nuts
    • Soy/soya
    • Milk/dairy
    Download our allergen menu