Kick start your healthy eating at Bella Italia with our delicious, ‘spiralised vegetable spaghetti’ dishes!

Increasingly people are choosing to adapt their eating habits to increase the amount of fruit and veg they eat, whilst also cutting down on calories and carbohydrates.

At Bella Italia we’re always keen to make it easier for our customers to eat out even when they’re closely watching ingredients for health or allergy reasons, which is why we offer the option of replacing pasta in many of our dishes with spiralised “spaghetti” made freshly every day from carrots, golden beetroot and courgette!

This gives you the chance to still enjoy the succulent king prawns in spicy garlic and chilli tomato Gamberoni for only 259 calories.

We recommend the carefully crafted dishes below, but we can replace pasta and blend with other sauces on request, and if pasta isn’t your thing we also offer Pizza Vita – half moon shaped pizzas served with a side salad, all at under 600 calories.

We have vegetarian and vegan options, plus many of our pizza and pasta dishes can be served gluten free on request, giving you multiple ways to stay healthy at Bella.

  • spiralised vegetable options

    Try ‘Spiralised Vegetable Spaghetti’ with:

    Pomodoro 134kcal
    Tomato sauce with fresh basil and basil oil

    Agnello 187kcal
    Traditional lamb ragù tossed with fresh basil

    Gamberoni 259kcal
    Succulent king prawns in a spicy garlic & chilli tomato sauce

    Bolognese 282kcal
    Traditional beef ragù tossed with fresh basil