Wellbeing at Bella Italia

Financial wellbeing

Wagestream- at Bella you can access a % of your wages when you need them the most, usually before pay day! We are here to try to ease money worries

Loans and Savings- through Bella financial hub we help you take control of your money

Emotional wellbeing

GP Helpline- We know it can be hard to see a GP when you need to Access to a doctor anytime, anywhere. The GP Consultation enables you to ask any health-related question to a GP who is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - Free

Second Opinion- access to a consultant post diagnosis – we help you get the right treatment for you - Free

Mental Wellbeing

Here at Bella we have trained internal mental first aiders, available to talk to and help and support you

We also work closely with specialist mental health professionals who focus on short-term mental health support to provide long lasting strategies to cope with psychological distress